4 Tips To Grow Your Brands Instagram Page Organically

4 Tips To Grow Your Brands Instagram Page Organically

For any brand or company, Instagram is a must. not an “ok let’s try it” or “ehn I heard everybody is using it” but a must for your brand. According to Techcrunch, Instagram has over 700 million active users. That’s more than half of Facebook’s user base and its growing twice as fast as its parent company.

Now for Nigeria, we have over 3.6 million Instagram users, 80% are between the ages of 18 to 44 and 40% are women. source: Napoleanchat. So ideally, your brand has 3.6million probable customers to work with (WOW!).

The problem lies with how to engage with these customers or grow your brand. Don’t worry, that’s why I am here.
I will be sharing with you four tips on how to grow your Instagram account organically and improve conversion.

Set a goal for your Instagram page strategy


Before you start anything, it is important you set out a goal. Just creating an account with no goal in mind will leave you stranded on these IG “streets”. Come together with your team and highlight your brands’ reason for using Instagram. It could be to drive followers to your website, Improve Brand Awareness or simply sell via the platform.

Create great content


One cannot over-emphasize this, creating great content for your followers to engage with is very important. Whether you sell products or it’s your personal brand page, you will need to create content that your target audience can relate with and stick to a theme. You can look up brands like Coca-Cola or Etsy. and for personal profile branding, thesvnflwr and lagoscitychic.

Be Consistent


You’ve been producing great content, now don’t forget to do it consistently. You want to keep on engaging your followers with great images that they can relate with daily or a minimum of 4 times in a week. Think of it as 10 o clock News, everyday we watch 10 o clock news cause it’s expected and consistent.



Don’t ever forget the hashtags. Instagram uses these tags to help refine searches for different keywords. so using the right hashtag will enable your brand pop up when people are searching for that particular keyword. For example, if your brand focuses on fashion, hashtags like #style #fashion etc will enable you to pop up on the most recent posts when these keywords are being searched for.


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