4 Tips Your Startup/Business Can Learn From The Church

4 Tips Your Startup/Business Can Learn From The Church

Want to build a successful startup? Model your business around what churches do.

The most successful startup in Nigeria are the churches and don’t get me wrong, I do not mean this to spite them rather I believe we can learn from them. Here are some things I’ve noticed:

-The value they give off is hope. what hope is your brand giving off?- to serve a country where the majority of its population lives below the poverty line your brands’ message should preach hope.

-Their marketing strategy is very indirect and quite manipulative. People hate direct marketing, it shows your brand doesn’t care about them and you only care about your sales

-They have different revenue streams: offering, tithes, thanksgivings. Businesses will need to learn how to maximize different revenue sources

-Their incentive is eternal life in a magical heaven, what is your startup’s incentive? How will you make customers believe they are benefiting more from you than you are of them?

These are the little patterns I have noticed. What are your thoughts, comments, and ideas on this theory?

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